Open Innovation for the Future of Housing

The Initiative

Game of Homes is an initiative to accelerate the development of the future of housing. To create the future there is a need for untraditional partnerships, new processes and sharp cases. Game of Homes aims to create an innovative stakeholder constellation and test a new open innovation method in order to take an active and leading role in developing the future of housing. Now it is time to start.


Case Design

  • Design case description and scope.
  • Process design
  • Partner invitation
  • Planning of Digi Tank

Digital Think Tank

  • The case and relevant information is presented
  • Power presentation by experts
  • Knowledge sharing with cutting edge peers


Do Tank: Beyond

  • An open innovation accelerator process for three months
  • Core team meetings 1-2 days per week
  • Hypothesis being tested and prototypes being built
  • Lean start-up methodology faciliteted by Ideon Open

Policy Tank

Presentation of the results by:

  • “Doers”: Prototypes and learnings
  • SSH: Whitepaper on learnings and recommendations from the Think Tank
  • Round table discussions


Open Webinar on June 4th

Open Webinar on June 4th

Do you want to be involved in finding solutions for future housing development taking into account the effects of the Covid-19 crisis?

How should technology and housing work together in a more and more digitalized and social life? How can housing become better for elderly people when a bigger part of healthcare will be handled in the home? And how can more affordable housing be created? Will the home be our main workplace? How will changes in our behavior and new demands set by Covid-19 affect our needs for housing solutions?

If you and your organization are curious about the answers to these questions, you are welcome to participate in our webinar:

June 4th at 12:30-13:00. Registration is free of charge. Register here before 8 am on June 4th.

Entering the Do-Tank Phase

Entering the Do-Tank Phase

After a very successful digital Think Tank on March 24 the project has now moved onto the “Do Tank” phase, where Kraftringen, and Sony Europe, together with our head coach Jacob Nielsen, go through innovation sprints. This stage is based on Ideon Open’s concept of BEYOND  – the Collaborative Corporate Accelerator. Within the next 3-6 months, companies will create real solutions to the challenges facing future housing development.
Successful Digi Think Tank

Successful Digi Think Tank

On March 24 Jonas Michanek and Gustav Widerström from Ideon Open hosted the first Digi Think Tank Meeting for the Game of Homes project. With 38 participants that were actively engaged in the chat, and with digital presentations and keynotes from Albin Carlén from Swedish Smart Grid Forum, Anna Clark from Trivector Traffic, Bengt-Åke Claesson from Perfecta Innovation and Henrik Aurell from Zacco – it was a great success!